Inner City Youth Dream a New World

Dream a World

Cultural Therapy processes, developed within the Caribbean, to improve the lives of at-risk-youth.

Primary Prevention

In planning Primary Prevention Initiatives, Academic Performance and Social Dysfunction are addressed as the primary at-risk factors that result in maladaptive behaviour.

Cultural Therapy

Teams of Cultural Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers, Nurses and Creative Professionals, engage the children, through structured creative activities, to address the core issues.

Behaviour Change

Over three years, these initiatives spark critical interventions that tip the scales for the youth; shifting their trajectories, toward productive, contributing adult lives.

Render Me Visible

100 youth, from 4 inner city communities, with 1 dress-rehearsal, perform for a capacity audience.
The children designed the planets they wanted; and re-shaped themselves to fit.

The "Dream a World" Cultural Therapy Programme is an internationally recognized, multi-modal intervention, designed by Psychiatrist, Professor Frederick W. Hickling, which challenges children--identified as dysfunctional--to create a new world.

The intervention sought to improve the social skills and academic performance of one hundred (100), eight-to-nine year old, at-risk children, from four (4) inner-city communities, in Kingston, Jamaica. Over the past two (2) years, there has been phenomenal improvement in the children’s academic performance, attitudes and behaviour.

The educational and therapeutic teams of Dream-A-World celebrated the successes of the participating children, through the staging of "Render me Visible". The children presented a creative showcase to their families and several notable members of the public who were invited to learn about the work of the programme and to encourage the children’s development.

Carimensa Team

A multi-diciplinary team comprised of Internationally recognized Psychiatrists, Cultural Therapists, Teachers, Researchers and Creative Professionals

Prof. Frederick Hickling

Executive Director

Dr. Hilary Robertson-Hickling

Consultant Collaborator – UWI

Prof. Jaswant Guzder

Consultant Collaborator – McGill

Dr. Geoffrey Walcott

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Debbie-Ann Chambers

Collaborative Consultant